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How do we get your home rented quickly?

  • 提供一个有执照的房地产经纪人或准租户访问你的空置出租时 需要它是一个非常有效的方式,以得到您的租金迅速租赁. This is called self-access, 当使用我们的电子锁盒和一次性使用密码时,它既快速又安全.
  • 我们使用租户特纳(Tenant Turner)使潜在租户符合您的租金的租赁限制,并授权房地产经纪人. All access is monitored, 每次有授权人员到达你的租赁地点并要求访问代码时我们的团队都会收到通知. 只有那些预先获得资格或预先批准进入你的租赁的人才会得到一个进入代码, 代码只能使用一次,而且只能在生成的当天使用.

    房地产经纪人可以使用通过多重Listing Service (MLS)提供的房地产经纪人专属链接,这样他们就可以轻松地安排一场展示,而不必打电话到乐天堂fun88备用网站协调时间.

    在提供了可核实的联系信息后,准租户可以自行安排查看你的空置房屋, qualified against the leasing restrictions (e.g. pet policy, income requirements, etc.), and provided a copy of their government issued ID.

    After a Realtor or prospective tenant views your property, 他们会被要求填写申请表或提供反馈,我们会转交给您,并使用这些反馈来做出任何修改,使您的租赁更有吸引力 & reduce your vacancy period.

    Please note: We are a performance based company; until we place a tenant, our service is free... That's OUR incentive to get your home rented quickly!


  • Our branded vehicles direct tenants to our website...and often get us stopped in parking lots!
  • 一个标志 & Lock-box placed on the property within 24 hours.
  • 所有的房产都被列出在多重挂牌服务(MLS)上,以鼓励其他代理的展示
  • All properties are listed on 25+ additional websites & several “feeder” sites providing great exposure.
  • You will receive regular showing reports & 租户反馈将有助于提供解决方案,以减少您的空置期.

好的fun88备用不仅仅是快速找到租客, it's about finding the right tenant. After receiving an application from a prospective tenant, all applications are screened thoroughly using:

  • National Tenant Network (NTN)
  • Credit report & 历史
  • National 驱逐 reports
  • Public records/judgments
  • Criminal background reports
  • Rental 历史 check
  • Employment verification


We have an in-house maintenance company... 为什么?

  • Our rehabilitation work is superior
  • 我们可以为业主提供更低的维修费用
  • Our focus is to maintain the value of your property
  • We finish the jobs faster
  • Our volume provides subcontractors who are loyal, experienced in tenant related issues, and stand behind their work