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如果您正在寻找专业的fun88备用, rest assured that with PMI Georgia’s Atlanta area management services 你 get much more than a property manager. We provide a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to meet all 你r property management needs. If 你 are a current client, we offer convenient access to statements and more, all online!

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A W-9 form is the required form for domestic taxpayers to supply an identification number and certify exemption from backup withholding (28%) for payments we make to 你. NOTE: International investors cannot use a W-9, please consult 你r tax preparer 来确定你需要填写哪些相关IRS表格.


  • 总部最低标准: PMI Georgia has a minimum standard for the properties we manage; this link provides a detailed explanation.
  • 家庭状况报告: PMI Georgia提供了一份增强的房地产状况报告. 我们建议这些报告在第一年的新租户入住率 & 此后每隔一年,此链接详细说明这项服务.
  • 我们的技术: 对于那些关心你的人,你知道你是谁!
  • 基本维修清单


No. Applicant screening is part of the service provided 你 by our Property Management Team. 我们会处理申请 based on a criminal, rental, credit, employment background check and debt to income ratio. Any and all data provide to our third-party screening company is confidential.
是的,当物业空置时,您负责水电服务. 在营业额和显示期间,公用设施必须是打开的. PMI Georgia将很乐意为您提供这些数据, 或者只需要象征性的费用,我们就可以替你安排, 然后用你的fun88备用组合账户支付.
No, The Lease for Residential Property is an agreement between PMI Georgia as the Landlord and the Tenant. You will sign a Lease Management Agreement giving PMI Georgia the authority to act on 你r behalf as the landlord. 这保护了你作为所有者的身份,并使你保持匿名. 一份签过字的租约副本将通过电子邮件发送给你作记录.
签订租赁管理协议后, 你 will provide us with funds to establish a reserve account for 你r property. These funds will be deposited as trust funds into our registered trust account and can only be used for costs associated with 你r property. 如果修理费用超过你手头的储备金, PMI将与您联系,以获得额外的资金来完成维修.
你不负责维修. We use a professional contractor service, HomePro Solutions, that will handle repairs and 根据需要装修.

We will conduct a move out inspection of the property and provide 你 with an estimate of the costs to bring the property back to rentable condition. This estimate will be emailed to 你 within five (5) days of the tenant’s move out. 开始修理需要得到你的书面批准. 请记住,维修完成得越快, 租客就能越早进入你的房产.

如果租客付了押金, the available amount will be applied to the balance needed to cover the cost of repairs.

Our goal is to have a qualified tenant prepared for move in of 你r property as soon as possible after the signing of the Lease Management Agreement or the closing of 你r investment property. We are unable to guarantee an exact time frame for the placement of a qualified tenant. We can however guarantee 你 that we are 100% dedicated to placing a qualified tenant in 你r property and will do whatever it takes to minimize the time 你r property is vacant.
The monthly management fee varies on a couple of factors: number of properties 你 have and the monthly rental amount. 如欲了解更多详情,请联络办事处或浏览我们的 这里价格层.

PMI Georgia保留了第一个月的租金作为租户安置费. You will begin receiving rent paid by the tenant the second month of the lease.

-租约的生效日期为2月1日. - 2月份的租金作为安置费收取并保留. - Payment of the second month's rent (March) will be deposited to 你r account on or about March 10, 如果按时付款的话.

逾期费在逾期第三天计算. We will contact the tenant by phone and/or email to inquire about the status of the payment, 然后邮寄一封租金催缴信.
These funds are held in an Escrow/Trust Account monitored and regulated by the Georgia 房地产 Commission. The security deposit is money placed by the tenant to secure the condition and payment terms of the lease. If the tenant satisfies the lease and returns the property in satisfactory condition; the deposit will be returned. 如果有未支付的费用, 租金, or repairs needed; the money for these items will be deducted from the deposit.

我们被要求预留足够的时间, 最少7天, for a tenant’s payment to clear before we can release a payment to 你r account. 考虑到这种, rental payments received from tenants by the 3rd day of the month (pending the day of the week), will be deposited to owners on the 10th day of the month (pending the day of the week.)

Payments received from tenants after the 3rd day of the month are considered late and must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. Late rent payments, will be paid into 你r account on the Friday after the payment is received.

In the unfortunate event a tenant’s check is returned/not honored by the bank, we will not be able to make payment to 你 until we collect funds from the tenant to satisfy the returned check and applicable fees.

乐天堂fun88备用网站负责收取租金. 如有月租问题,请联系 You will receive an Owner’s Statement on the 10th of the month providing 你 with the payment status of 你r property.

Yes, a tenant placement fee will be charged for the placement of a new tenant.

In the unfortunate event a tenant vacates the property within the first six (6) months of the lease; we will reduce the tenant placement fee to half of the first month’s rent paid by the new tenant.