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If you are in the market for your perfect rental home, you have come to the right place. As a prospective resident, we can help you through the process of finding and applying for 你梦想的家. 一旦你成为住院医师,我们有一套工具可以让你 最好的租赁体验.

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For our current residents we have a complete set of tools and procedures to make your stay with 我们更舒适,更有成就感. 使用我们的网站提交任何维护请求,支付您的 租房,或者干脆去 给我们写信. 我们喜欢听我们的居民说.

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"We are loving all of the space that we have in our new home, and finally getting close to having 这一切都打开. 到目前为止,和你们一起工作也很愉快... 期待继续 的关系, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises."



We are unable to hold a property for you until we have approved your application and received an amount equal to one month’s rent.
一般来说,我们只需要第一个月的租金和保证金. 具体问题请与我们的租赁专家联系.
申请可以很方便地在网上获得. 请点击页面顶部的链接. 我们期待收到并处理您的申请.
Please speak with our leasing specialist about our pet policy and to see if your property allows pets.


感谢您对我们的一处房产感兴趣! In order for you to apply for, reserve, and lease your new home, please follow these instructions:


为了持有财产, a non-refundable reservation fee equal to a full month's rent is paid once the application is approved. 一经批准,预定费用在办公室, all advertising and scheduled showings to other prospective tenants are suspended. 该物业将保留最多30天. Any move-in date requested beyond 30 days is subject to a pre move-in rent assessment. 申请一经批准,预约费用恕不退还. This fee will automatically be applied as the first month's rent for move-in purposes. Tenants moving in after the first will pay the prorated amount for the second month.

PMI Georgia approves rental applications based on 验证的就业, 租赁的历史, 犯罪背景调查和债务收入比. 信用评分只是决策过程中的一个小因素. Everyone who will occupy the home over the age of 18 must complete a rental application.

All applicants MUST submit a picture ID and 2 most current paystubs or your application MAY NOT BE PROCESSED. Please upload them with the application or fax them to and reference the property you are applying for.

*please note there is a $5 convenience fee charged for completing the application online per applicant


  • 如果你有一个开放的破产
  • 如果你现在正在被驱逐
  • 如果我们收到你当前房东的负面报告
  • 如果你有多个租赁集合,不管他们的年龄
  • 如果你有多次被驱逐


这是PMI Georgia的应用程序接受政策. It is our office policy that this policy along with the rental application instructions, fair housing and other pertinent tenant notices are clearly posted for inspection by any person. Your rental application is a request for an extension of credit and is therefore subject to federal and state jurisdiction. 符合规定的, 以下标准将用于公平地确定您的资格. 任何评论, 问题, or other matters relating to your application should be sent in writing to our office PMI Georgia- POBOX 628 泰隆,GA 30290.

  1. 作为占用的一种条件, any person intending to occupy of legal age (18 years or older) must complete an application and be included in all legal obligations. 任何没有足够资格的人, 是否可以通过同样的程序取得共同签署人作为责任人. 申请时须出示有效身份证明.
  2. 必须从所有责任方那里获得一份信用报告. 信用问题可能会导致额外的保证金. The monthly debt payment obligation as reported on the credit report will be used to calculate a debt to income ratio.
  3. 所有负责任的申请人必须获得就业证明. Applicant is encouraged to deliver all necessary documentation to assist with this verification. 可接受的文件可以是工资支票的形式, 支票存根, 银行对账单, 及其他证明受雇及/或收入的文件. Self employed applicants may be required to furnish 3 months of personal 银行对账单 showing proof of deposits. 恕不接受公司银行对账单. Newly employed applicants can use an offer letter on company letterhead as proof of employment. 电话验证也将对所有申请人进行.
  4. A verifiable rental or mortgage history from a non-related person must be obtained on current and previous residency for the last (2) years. If application shows current residency less than (2) years, additional information will be required. 电话验证也将对所有申请人进行. Rental history must reveal timely payment and fulfillment of the contractual agreement. 之前驱逐, 丧失抵押品赎回权, 或在过去五(5)年内破产, 当前的违约意图, or any balance owed to a previous landlord are grounds to disqualify the applicant. Applicants not meeting residence history requirements may be accepted upon approval of the property owner and/or the payment of additional security deposits.
  5. 我们将对所有申请者进行犯罪背景调查. Applicants with a felony in the past 7 years or any violent crimes or sexual offenses, 不管时间, 可能会导致自动取消资格.
  6. Reservation of the Property: Applicants will be given the opportunity to reserve and accept the property by providing the office the 1st months rent due in the form of certified funds or money order
  7. NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE: All responsible applicants agree to pay our firm a non-refundable application processing fee, 每一财产所规定的, 以便查阅信用档案, 验证的就业, 租赁的历史, income and other pertinent data necessary for the approval of the application.
  8. 不利行动通知:所有申请人将收到, 符合州和联邦法律, 接受或拒绝的通知通过电子邮件或美国.S. 在法律规定的时间内邮寄. Our firm reserves the right to notify applicant of a conditional approval that may require additional deposits or increased rental rates.
  9. Deposits and Collections: All applicants will be required to submit certified funds for the initial deposits and an initial payment equal to the pro-rated rent. Payments thereafter may be paid by personal check (unless instructed otherwise). 不接受现金. Our firm reserves the right to hire professional collection services including, 但不仅限于律师, 收回支票和其他欠款.