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  • Providing a licensed Realtor or prospective tenant access to your vacant rentals when they need it is a very effective way to get your rentals leased quickly. 这叫做自我获取, and when done using our electronic lockboxes and one-time use codes it is both quick and secure.
  • We use Tenant Turner to qualify prospective tenants against the leasing restrictions of your rental and to authorize Realtors. 所有的访问都受到监控, and our team is notified each time an authorized person arrives at your rental and requests an access code. Only those who have been pre-qualified or pre-approved for entry into your rental are given an access code, the code can used only once and only on the day for which they are generated.

    Realtors can use a Realtor-only link provided through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows them to easily schedule a showing without having to call our office and coordinate a time.

    Prospective tenants can schedule self-access to your vacant rentals after they have provided verifiable contact information, 不受租赁限制(e.g. 宠物政策、收入要求等.),并提供政府签发的身份证副本.

    After a Realtor or prospective tenant views your property, they are asked to fill out an application or provide feedback which we pass on to you and use to make any corrections which will make your rental more attractive & 缩短你的空缺期.

    Please note: We are a performance based company; until we place a tenant, our service is free... 这就是我们尽快把你的房子租出去的动机!

Our proven advertising and marketing campaign include the following:

  • 我们的品牌车辆将指引租户访问我们的网站...而且经常把我们拦在停车场!
  • 一个标志 & 24小时内把锁盒放进去.
  • All properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to encourage showings by other agents
  • 所有的财产列出在25+额外的网站 & 几个“馈线”站点提供了巨大的曝光率.
  • 您将收到定期显示报告 & tenant feedback that will help provide solutions to 缩短你的空缺期.

Good property management is not just about finding a tenant quickly, 而是要找到合适的租户. After receiving an application from a prospective tenant, 所有的申请被彻底筛选使用:

  • 全国租户网络(NTN)
  • 信用报告 & 历史
  • 国家驱逐的报告
  • 公共记录/判断
  • 犯罪背景的报道
  • 租赁历史检查
  • 就业验证

We are proud of our 80% renewal/retention rate demonstrating the quality of the tenants we place!

我们有一个 内部维修公司... 为什么?

  • 我们的康复工作是一流的
  • We can offer lower costs to our owners for all maintenance
  • 我们的重点是维护您的财产的价值
  • 我们完成工作更快
  • 我们的数量提供了忠诚的分包商, 有处理租客相关问题的经验, 并支持他们的工作